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New Technology & infinite imagination lives in visible frame !

"With the digital reading of the market continues to grow, not only with selling e-books, electronic newspapers, electronic reference books, electronic magazines are also beginning to receive attention, the market began to grow. E Ink Pearl with thin, green, can be a long time to read and other features, can be widely used e-book reader, electronic reference books, electronic magazines, future products, to replace the traditional paper, or a backlight LCD screen, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of electronic goods, but not at the expense of paper in feel comfortable to read. "


E-paper maker PVI, chairman of He Yi-Da shows PVI E InK will introduce a new generation of electronic paper display "Pearl", the existing Vizplex ™ design basis, using a new generation of electronic ink technology to a higher black and white contrast (50% increase over the original), type of paper reading experience and enhance the reflectivity of the screen, and a clear visual characteristics, such as the sun, bring a clearer display capabilities, is the highest whiteness of electronic paper display, hope e-book reader set off another wave of new wave.


According to DisplaySearch forecasts the investigation, in 2010 the future of electronic paper e-book grow at an alarming rate, readers, market value estimate will reach 837 million U.S. dollars, 2011, forecast to grow 44% to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. DisplaySearch also said Paul Semenza, Senior Vice President, "E Ink's electronic ink will be a new generation of imaging technology Vizplex ™ electronic paper to maintain its market leadership."


With the existing Vizplex ™ design is based, and to promote improved, a new generation of black and white black and white e-paper display effectively enhance the contrast, so the font is more clear, more close to the paper-white background colors. When applied to e-book reader, the newspaper articles for the visit, each clearly visible font, 16-gray scale display, so the chart can clearly express the message; the same time, it retains the advantages of outdoor sunlight visible, so that read into a relaxed, comfortable and relax.


E Ink electronic paper has a bistable characteristic, only takes power when changing the page, when reading to half of the break, the screen will continue to stay, and will not disappear, nor loss of electricity, the user does not need to use the tag note read the page break. Because of its low power consumption, use of time available for weeks, even months, often without charge, the environmentally friendly and energy saving.


In order to continue to introduce superior products, the current E Ink and the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, including Epson, Freescale, Marvell and Texas Instruments and so on, are working closely with the hope to develop, research, and provide a new generation of electronic paper for use in integrated circuit (IC), the display driver and power supply management to integrate the design of these IC to provide downstream complete, flexible solution.


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