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SGVT-02 GPS tracker

SGVT-02 GPS tracker

Description Packing Accessories

1) small size, easy to install;
2) accurate GPS positioning, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 m;
3) support GSM voice and SMS functions, UDP / TCP protocol communications in GPRS mode;
4) support the GPS data uploading at intervals and location;
5) support the two way voice communication function;
6) support Call Barring of group numbers function;
7) support two way SMS communication via Mobile and PC software;
8) support the mute function;
9) support authorized tapping function;
10) support protection from high or low level voltage function;
11) support 5 levels of signal detection;
12) support the data resend from signal dead zone function;
13) support remotely locking vehicle function;
14) support watching vehicle function;
15) support SOS alarm function;
16) support the power-off alarm function;
17) support the high-voltage under-voltage alarm and alarm functions;
18) support over speed alarm function;
19) support parking alarm function;
20) support illegal door-open, illegal engine-start alarm function;
21) support fuel consumption detection;
22) support fuel changing alarm;
23) support mileage statistics;
24) support Geo-fence alarm;
25) support fatigue driving alarm;
26) support temperature detection alarm;
27) support a serial peripherals (such as the car handles, scheduling screen, camera);



Hardware parameter

working voltage


Working current


GSM module

inside contain frequency GSM 900/1800
inside contain frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz (can tailor)

Communication protocol

UDP/TCP(can customize)

GPS module

GPS S IRF-Star III CMOS chip group

GPS sensitivity


GPS frequency

L1, 1575.42 MHz

C/A coding

1.023 MHz chip rate


20 channels for tracking

Position accuracy

10 meter, 2D RMS

Speed  accuracy

0.1 meter/second

Time accuracy

GPS synchronization

Default data



Average 0.1 second

Hot start

Average 1 second

Warm start

Average 38 second

Cold start

Average 42 second

Height limit

18,000 meter (60,000 feet) max

Speed limit

515 kilometer/second (1000 knots)max

Acceleration limit

Less than 4g

Expansion peripheral

Peripherals can be accessed by an extension (such as: Handle / scheduling screen / camera etc.)




Work temperature

-20°~ 70° C

Storage temperature

-30°~ 85° C


5% ~ 95%  non-condensing

Terminal size

97 mm × 64mm × 24mm

Inside battery

Continuing working not less than 4 hours

LED light

Red: power-on state;yellow:communication module state;green:GPS module working state


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